Room in the attic

by Stickywire on Monday April 9, 2012

Many homeowners today are adding space to their houses by blowing out the back, digging down to enlarge a basement or turning the insulation-filled, raw attic space into a second or third floor. In fact, the attic may be the best way to get more square footage out of a home.

A wonderful feature that can be built into an attic but not most other parts of the home is a skylight – or two or three. As well, an attic can be pushed upward to create a cathedral ceiling giving the place an airy, loftlike feel.

One problem however with turning an attic into living space is how you will get up there. Many homes will not accommodate a full size set of stairs to the attic without major renovation to other floors as well.  Fortunately, the homeowner today can purchase compact attic stairs including circular flights

It is still difficult to find a manufactured set of stairs that doesn’t look or feel like a ladder.  There are, however, a few stairs on the market that are solid, good looking and comfortable to climb; it’s just a matter of looking for them online, in retail outlets or in catalogues.  Don’t forget, you are looking for stairs that will fit in an opening about two feet wide by five or six feet long. 

Regardless of what kind of stairs you choose – or choose to have built from scratch – you probably need a professional to install them correctly and safely.  This is a major part of the reno price so be prepared for the bill. Most times, a new top floor is well worth the expense. 

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