Signs of poor contractors - time on their hands

by Stickywire on Monday April 9, 2012

As you likely know, there are good contractors and bad ones. Unfortunately, the bad ones can outnumber the good in some areas but there are ways to tell them apart.

Good contractors have skills, experience, honesty and, above all, proper licenses and insurance – giving you a way of fighting back if you feel victimized by any of these professionals.

Some bad contractors are out-and-out crooks who will take your money and leave you with nothing or, worse, slipshod renovations that are dangerous to you and your family.

One sign of a contractor you should consider not hiring is the contractor who has time to spare. A good pro will be busy and will have to schedule your work in the future. If the contractor tells you he has an open schedule or gives you a hazy time such as “I’ll be by next week,” this is not one you should hire.

When you do engage a contractor, nail down, in writing, a schedule as to when the job will begin and when it will end. Leave room for unforeseen problems like poor weather but don’t allow a contractor to go over time without a good reason and with penalties if the time limit is exceeded because of the contractor’s problems, not your’s. 

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