Signs of poor contractors – what’s that name again?

by Stickywire on Thursday April 12, 2012

As you likely know, there are good contractors and bad ones. Unfortunately, the bad ones can outnumber the good in some areas but there are ways to tell them apart.

Poor contractors don’t last long in business – under the same name. By changing their company name, a contractor can stay in business for many years, ripping off customers with great abandon.

The homeowner who hires a contractor can do research easily. He or she can go online to do a corporate search, to a construction association and to local building authorities to inquire how long a prospective contractor has been in business.  As well, the homeowner can ask the contractor how long he has been operating. 

If you find a contractor has been in business under a specific name only a short time – a year or so – check to see if the contractor had a previous company. If you find he operated one previous company, get a good answer before proceeding with him. If you find many previous companies, walk or run away.

Question the type of corporate registration as well. Anyone can register a local business for a few dollars. An incorporated, licensed contracting company will be better because you will have a higher level of protection and expectation from such a firm. At least you will know that this contractor has spent some money setting up a business, making him less likely to disband the whole thing as customers begin complaining.

Speaking of complaining, check the Internet to see if others have complained online about a specific company or individual contractor. Lack of complaints will not mean anything but a surfeit of complaints will mean a lot. 

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