Renovation Tips: don’t go cheap

by Stickywire on Thursday April 12, 2012

Purchasing materials for your reno job based entirely on price is a huge mistake. Those who go cheap may be doomed to revisit the renovation in a year or so instead of the 10 or 15 years a homeowner should expect from a quality fix.

As well, cheap products will always look cheap no matter how carefully you install them. Narrow, bargain baseboard or crown moulding will be unimpressive. Cheap floor tiles will never look like porcelain, granite or marble. Poor quality cabinets will chip or split.

As well, don’t use cheap materials for a permanent part of the renovation. Many people patch and join things with duct tape intending the tape to be a permanent part of the renovation. Duct tape is a wonderful invention in its place but it should be replaced with permanent, quality products after a few hours. 

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