DIY storage

by Stickywire on Saturday April 14, 2012

Many homeowners who lock their doors and windows every night think nothing of leaving expensive tools on the porch or back lawn when they are in the midst of do-it-yourself renovations and fixes.

If you love your tools, always store them safely – in a locked house or garage – when they are not in use day or night. Tools not only cost a great deal of money, with a quality hammer going for well over $50, but they can be used by thieves to break into your home or by vandals to smash your property causing more fixups and renos.

Store wood, concrete and other building materials in cool, dry places and cover them in rolls of plastic to keep out the dampness, vermin and mold spores.

If you leave part of the inside of the home exposed, take special care. If you have removed a window, door or part of a wall, make certain the structure is supported with temporary supports (best to use a professional and, in all cases, get a building permit for structural changes). If you have a hole in the wall for any purpose, cover it with tarpaulin or other strong material and secure it well against rain and wind.

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