The right product

by Stickywire on Saturday April 14, 2012

Many DIY aficionados still choose the wrong materials for their homes. Take paint as a very good example.

Paint is made to be applied on every conceivable surface. However, walk through a neighborhood and find paint peeling in unsightly patches from stucco walls or metal downspouts. Notice paint bubbling or showing every fingerprint on walls and cabinets.

Don’t look up or you may find the homeowner has used the wrong paint on the ceiling where ‘flat’ paint is the usual and best choice. Flat is also good for walls while semi-gloss should be used on trim in bathrooms or rooms where you want a more sophisticated look. 

High-gloss paint should be used very sparingly as it can give a home a cheap or unsophisticated appearance.

Latex is becoming the choice of paint almost everywhere, rather than oil-based paint, and is now made to cover most surfaces. Generally, latex paint is low-odor and dries much more quickly.

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