DIY safely

by Stickywire on Sunday April 15, 2012

Do-it-yourself around the home if you have the skills and do it safely. This means you should treat any home repair or reno location as a job site with the right safety gear.

Goggles are crucial to protect eyes from all sorts of hazards on the job. Dust from wood and metals can do severe and permanent damage to eyes. Splinters from cut wood or fibres from carpets and insulation or dust from drywall or…; almost anything can fly through the air into an unprotected eye on a job site.

Ear protection is often overlooked but is important anywhere that power tools are used. The decibel level of a power saw or drill can be well above the level that can damage human hearing. Power tools also can be uncomfortable for animals in the home who can hear sounds humans cannot.

Gloves should be worn to protect hands from splinters, nails, heat and other hazards of a job site.

Work boots are another must for safe home repair or renovation.

When safety gear is not enough, every job site should be equipped with a fire extinguisher and a first-aid kit as well as a cell phone to call 911 in the case of serious injury such as could be caused by a fall from a ladder or a bad cut. 

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