When not to DIY

by Stickywire on Sunday April 15, 2012

Perhaps the most important part of doing it yourself around the home is knowing when not to attempt a repair or renovation. There are jobs best left to professionals.

To know when to avoid taking on a DIY project, the homeowner should do his or her homework. There are many DIY books on the market and judicious viewing of ‘home and garden’ television should educate homeowners to some extent.

Even when hiring a professional contractor, the homeowner should learn enough to keep an eye on the progress of the work. All contractors worth hiring will get building permits when required by law and all will handle payments in a professional manner. As well, a good contractor will meet deadlines barring unforeseen problems and will do quality work. Research is required so the homeowner can differentiate quality work from poor quality work. Don’t allow the contractor to cover up work such as plumbing or electrical without having a building inspector sign off and without inspecting the work yourself so you will know what is behind your walls. For instance, hidden water shutoff valves and a plethora of electrical junction boxes secreted behind drywall are not signs of quality workmanship. 

An educated homeowner will know the right questions to ask the contractor and to call a halt and carefully inspect a project as soon as it begins to go awry. 

In particular, make certain the electrical system of the home is safe and up to the building code. This is critical for the safety of your family and your property.

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