Make every square foot count

by Stickywire on Tuesday April 24, 2012

How do you turn a small condo unit or unfurnished rental suite into a comfortable home with a big look and feel? With multi-function furniture and a touch of class, that’s how.

Today, there is furniture that will help you use every inch of space in an apartment even if it is only 700 or 800 square feet. Look for built-in couches that extend to become a kitchen banquette. Make your breakfast bar double as a dining table. Why can’t that guest room or vacant second bedroom be a den so you can use it all the time?

Apart from having multi-functional spaces throughout your unit, you can design in some drama – especially in nooks and corners where excitement is not expected. Soft tones like light greys or earth hues will give a suite ranging from 400 feet and up a look of elegance and quiet relaxation. 

Because units are so small, the owner can splurge a bit on comfort and looks as you might with stainless steel and stone countertops in the kitchen and some nice cabinetry with a designer sink in the bathroom. Crystal and chrome can be used in the living areas to give the place a bright, modern look and mirrors strategically plaed can increase the feeling of size, albeit illusionary. Mirrors also bounce light to make the condo less dark and forbidding away from the windows.  

A bedroom should be romantic and inviting. Pillow arrangements and perhaps a window seat will add to the attraction even in the smallest of suites. 

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