Built-ins are back

by Stickywire on Friday May 4, 2012

Built-in cabinets have returned. At one time, skilled carpenters created masterpieces in better homes; built-ins that graced the best home libraries and studies or the most comfortable and commodious of bedrooms. Built-ins are back, making life easier for storage-challenged homeowners and for homesellers wanting to attract buyers with unique features and added comfort.

 The best built-ins will be the less obvious – the ones with wood stain matching the stain of the floor. Such built-ins and flooring can help provide a wonderful palette for the decorator. For instance, a darker floor with matching built-in cabinetry works superbly with contrasting lighter tones for a bed, walls and upholstered furniture pieces.

Built-in cabinets in a bedroom can include the nightstands and even lighting designed to make it easier to read in bed or to add ambience to the room.

 Cabinets aren’t the only things that can be built into a room. Mirrors can be built in or incorporated into a built-in unit. And cabinets don’t have to be wood; they can be shelving inset into fabric panels.

 Built-ins can be placed around doors and windows, including the door and window frames into the built-in design.

 If the home seller has built-ins that look terrific, he or she can promote this as a feature of the home. If the buyer finds a room in a prospective home bland and without character, the buyer can envision the room with strategic built-ins that can transform the most featureless space into a work of interior design art. 

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