Interior Design

Buying a hot tub just the first step

Posted on Wednesday June 20, 2012
Hot tubs remain popular even though a growing number of people loathe the huge things that take up so much room on decks and in spa rooms across the nation. One thing probably every hot tub fan hates is installing a hot tub. Read more »

Lighting plan is essential

Posted on Friday June 15, 2012
Lighting is essential to good interior design but it is often overlooked by householders who do their own decorating. Read more »

Looking to relax

Posted on Tuesday June 12, 2012
How can you really relax at home? To do this well, you need a home with a relaxing environment so here are some suggestions to create this kind of abode. Read more »

Smart Home: it's coming slowly but surely

Posted on Thursday June 7, 2012
Remote, automatic and interactive features have been making their ways into high-end homes for a decade or more while most of us have to put up with old-fashioned coffee pots that don’t even communicate with the security system. Eventually, however, all of us will take these things for granted. Read more »

Smarthomes touch us all

Posted on Thursday June 7, 2012
Smart homes are coming – slowly but surely. It’s just a matter of getting in touch with tech. Read more »

Kitchen updating with new materials

Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2012
A new kitchen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. New and improved materials combined with careful designing can transform an old kitchen into a bright, modern-looking gem. Read more »

Confused by condo layouts?

Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2012
Condo buyers are often mystified by the layouts of units they may buy. While most of us might think we are in the wrong, the truth is developers don’t always get it right. Read more »

Furnishing the incredible shrinking condo

Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2012
Condominium units today, as most prospective buyers know, continue to shrink. This means furniture will shrink to fit and this creates a challenge for the condo and furniture buyer. Read more »

Magazines are not always right

Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2012
Many people refer to a nice living room, kitchen or other living space as ‘like something out of a magazine.’ The problem with copying a design seen in a magazine is that the next edition of the same magazine may have something entirely different. Read more »

A new face for an old kitchen

Posted on Wednesday May 23, 2012
If everything else about the house is appealing, a kitchen makeover may take no more than some paint and new appliances. Read more »

When all the home's a stage

Posted on Monday May 7, 2012
While the seller is making the home look good with staging, the buyer should take a good look so he or she is not overcome with the stage and forget the purpose of the visit – to purchase a real home. Read more »

Built-ins are back

Posted on Friday May 4, 2012
At one time, skilled carpenters created masterpieces in better homes; built-ins that graced the best home libraries and studies or the most comfortable and commodious of bedrooms. Well, built-ins are back. Read more »

Decorating for teens; let color be your guide

Posted on Friday May 4, 2012
Decorating a teen’s room is such a challenge until the parents let color dominate. Read more »

Make every square foot count

Posted on Tuesday April 24, 2012
How do you turn a small condo unit or unfurnished rental suite into a comfortable home with a big look and feel? Read more »

Millwood, a treasure if found

Posted on Saturday April 21, 2012
The treasure most often overlooked in a home for sale is the millwork that adds great value to an older place. Read more »

Renovation Tips: choose the right fixtures

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
If you are renovating a bathroom or kitchen or even a closet, you will need fixtures that fit the space and that will be as efficient as possible in the operation of the whole house. Read more »

A nice shade of DIY green

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
There is a belief that green costs more but this is no longer the case. Read more »

The right product

Posted on Saturday April 14, 2012
Many DIY aficionados still choose the wrong materials for their homes. Paint is a very good example. Read more »

Texture as a fix for wonky walls

Posted on Tuesday March 27, 2012
As a home seller, you should realize that the imperfections in the walls of your house are going to deflate the price you can ask for the place. Read more »

Home offices are the ‘in’ thing

Posted on Tuesday March 27, 2012
Buyers are more critical of the work spaces they need in the homes they purchase. Read more »