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Warm and cosy - on the darkside

Posted on Friday January 13, 2012
Inevitably, homes will have darker rooms that are farther from the sunny side of the home or that have fewer windows. If this is the case, the home will be cozier and selling the home will be easier if the homeowner plays off the natural darkness with warm and rich trappings. Read more »

Bye bye to ‘living rooms’, hello to rooms for living

Posted on Friday January 13, 2012
Riddle: when is a living room not a living room. Answer: when it is the kitchen. Read more »

Bright and airy are ‘in’ today

Posted on Friday January 13, 2012
Bright and airy homes are prized today and many darker, more claustrophobic homes can be converted to this open feeling with some smart renovations. Read more »

A bad feeling from smoke and fumes

Posted on Monday January 9, 2012
One way to turn off prospective home buyers is to smoke inside a home. Non-smoking buyers not only smell old smoke; they taste and feel the leftovers from cigarettes, cigars and other fume-emitting things. Read more »

Consider sustainable landscaping when buying a home

Posted on Monday January 2, 2012
One way to determine if a home will be less expensive to heat and cool is to take a look at the landscaping of the home and surrounding areas. Read more »

Beware of using your home as LOC collateral

Posted on Friday December 30, 2011
The homeowner who is short of cash should think twice – or thrice – before using their homes as security for loans. Read more »

Know the reno price – in advance

Posted on Friday December 30, 2011
Before you buy a home or have any work done on a recently purchased home, do some research to find the approximate price ranges for the work you contemplate. Read more »

Know how realtors work for you

Posted on Friday December 30, 2011
A home buyer should be clear about what the agent will and won’t do but also what the home buyer should be doing to work in sync with the agent. Read more »

Should I go solar?

Posted on Friday December 30, 2011
The homeowner considering a home with existing solar panels or thinking about installing solar panels on a home roof shortly after purchase should research the facts carefully before making this plunge into the new pool of green energy options. Read more »

Town homes are good middle ground

Posted on Thursday December 29, 2011
Town homes can be overlooked by families looking for a change of housing but, in many areas, town homes represent a somewhat cheaper alternative and one with good appreciation of value over the years to come. Read more »

A fence too high

Posted on Thursday December 29, 2011
Homeowners may be open to unpleasant surprises and jeopardized relations between an existing owner and his or her new neighbor if a fence or deck is too high. Read more »

Include vents on to-do list

Posted on Thursday December 29, 2011
One of the chores the new homeowner should set for a short while after moving in is duct inspection and cleaning. Read more »

Inspect ductwork for exhaust leaks

Posted on Thursday December 29, 2011
The new homeowner should check ventilation ducts searching for weak spots that could cause damage and other troubles for the new home. Read more »

An oasis in a communal ‘football field’

Posted on Thursday December 29, 2011
While a small yard at a town home puts one cheek to jowl with neighbors, a too-large yard makes residents feel they are living on a football field with space so open it lacks any privacy at all. Read more »

Looking for an agri-suburbia community

Posted on Thursday December 29, 2011
If you hate the idea of city living with its high density crowds and ever-shrinking home space but you aren’t thrilled either with suburban sprawl, look for the third alternative, a combination of suburban living with agricultural benefits. Read more »

Cash poor, land rich? The solution may be obvious

Posted on Wednesday December 28, 2011
“Cash poor but land rich” is an economic phrase that has been around for generations but it is a phrase that describes an ever-growing number of families today. Read more »

Fresh start for a new home

Posted on Tuesday December 27, 2011
Here are some ways to make your new place seem new and homey. Read more »

Sunbelt housing bargains don’t come easily

Posted on Tuesday December 27, 2011
Doors have opened to northerners seeking their places in the sun at prices they can finally afford. But, even in the southland's buyer’s market, a purchaser must do his or her homework before jumping into the bargain basements. Read more »

Moving: update insurance now

Posted on Sunday December 25, 2011
Moving to a new abode is the perfect time to bring your insurance coverage up to date. If you are moving from a rental to a property you now own, you will have to change coverage from a tenant’s policy to a homeowner’s policy. If you have acquired Read more »

Moving time great for cleanup

Posted on Sunday December 25, 2011
A moving cleanup can go much farther than even a rigorous spring cleaning because you can save money for every pound or so you can subtract from your moving load. Read more »